Clear communication 

Keep it short, stay focused and check your spelling. Include key points about your business, what services you offer and how you can help with the project. 

Sell yourself 

Highlight your relevant skills and why you’re the best fit for the job. Share links to your Bark profile, images of previous work, and reviews from previous customers. 

Share other contact details

50% of professionals miss out on business because they don’t answer the phone. Always add a direct number that customers can reach you on, and when you’ll be free to take a call. 

Give an estimate

If you can, give a basic quote for the project, as well as some notes to explain your charges. 

Move things forward 

Tell the customer how and when you’ll follow up. Suggest a time for a call to discuss the project further, and end the conversation with open questions that will encourage an answer. 

Be nice! 

Try and keep your tone friendly and professional. Remember to add how much you’d like to help them with their project.