Bark offers a super slick interface for enhancing your one-click response, allowing you to customise the design and content of your message to your customers, helping you make the best first impression every time.

By using this feature, your message looks like it has been sent directly from you instead of through Bark, and any email replies are forwarded on to you instantly.

You can now do all of the following, and much more:

  • Define your own design for the email
  • Add images and logos
  • Change the colours to match your business’ branding
  • Customise things like the font, sizes and colours

Once set up, use your one-click response in the normal way from your leads page to contact the customers of your choice.

Personalise your one-click response today so you can get hired even more through Bark!

To start setting up your personalised one-click response, click here.

Using the image below as a guide, click edit:

You will then be taken to the page where you can personalise your message:

You can then edit the text of your one-click response by clicking on the existing text and making any changes you need. Make sure to click save at the bottom.

Adding your own company logo to your one-click response helps you make the best possible first impression to customers on Bark.

To add your logo, click and hold ‘Image’:

Drag the image box to display above or below your text:

Then, click the image box and select ‘Upload Image’ on the right hand taskbar:

Now, select the image you wish to add from your device and upload it directly into the image box:

Your company logo will then display. If you are happy with it, click save.

Adding links in your one-click response to your company website, social media pages or reviews listings helps to drive traffic to the right places and increase customer engagement with your business.

Start by typing or copying in the website address you would like to link to. Then highlight this text:

Now, click the ‘edit/insert link’ feature:

Now, enter in the URL (full website address including www.) you wish to link to the highlighted text into the URL field:

Once you have entered in the URL you wish to link to the highlighted text, click OK and your link will be saved:

Customers will now be able to click on the linked text and be taken directly to the webpage of your choice.

Personalise your messages to customers by changing your font quickly and easily.

Highlight the text for which you wish to change the font:

Then, select the desired font from the typeface list:

Choose your font. If you are happy with your changes, click save:

Customers will now receive your message in the font you have chosen.

You can make your text display in any colour you like to help your message to customers have genuine impact.

Careful though, very light or bright colours can make your message difficult to read, so make sure your text remains clear after changing colours!

Start by clicking on your text. You will see a feature to change colour on the right hand side taskbar:

Use the colour slider to select your desired text colour which will change automatically:

Using the colour graph, you can then select the shade of your choice which will also change automatically:

Once you are happy with the colour of your text, click save.

Adding a button to your message which lets customers click through to your website or bookings page helps make your emails look fantastic and professional.

From the right hand taskbar, click and drag the button icon to the desired position:

Once the button is in the desired position, you can change the text by simply clicking on it and typing. You can also change the size and font using the toolbar which will automatically appear:

Now, enter the URL (full website address) you want the button to link to in the URL field on the right hand side toolbar:

Using the right hand side toolbar, you can now customise the borders, colours, spacing and other elements of your button:

When you are happy with your button, click save.

You can customise your one-click response by merging tags, so that when you send your message to any customer, it will be automatically addressed to their name, helping you make a seamless introduction and the best first impression every time.

Start by writing the content of your message, but leave the customer name blank. Then, after clicking on the space where you want the customer’s name to appear, using the toolbar select “Merge Tags” and click “Customer name”:

You will then see the tag appear in the selected place:

Now, the customers’ names will automatically update when you send your message, personalising your one-click response for the best possible impact.

Don’t forget to click save!