You can now create and save pre-written SMS templates on Bark, making connecting with customers using personalised introductions even easier. They’re quick to send and a lot of customers read them instantly. 

It’s easy to customise these templates and you can create different SMS templates for quotes, follow-ups, appointment bookings or anything else you need – so you can focus on getting hired. When you see a lead you like, respond quickly using your choice of template – simple!

Start by heading over to ‘Settings’ > then ‘SMS Templates’. 

You can then click on ‘Add template’ to start creating all your templates. You can name your templates differently to help ensure you send the right template out every time. 

You will then be prompted to start working on the content of your template. Remember you can tailor this as much as you want to suit the different kinds of leads you are responding to.

Template tags allow you to easily insert the customer’s name into your message. Whenever you send your chosen template, we will update the tag with the name of the customer you are responding to. All you need to do is click on ‘Customer name’ in the tags section.

Once you’ve completed your SMS template, don’t forget to press save!

If you need any further help with this, then feel free to email our Customer Success team on