With our easy to use email template builder, you can create and save email templates, making it even quicker to respond to all kinds of leads with a personalised and relevant introduction.

Need a different template for a wedding, a kid’s party and a bar mitzvah? Now you can! Create and save templates with ease to suit your business, and reply to a range of different leads with speed. 

It’s so easy to customise these templates to include your own logo, information about your business and your contact details. So, when you see a lead you like, respond quickly using your choice of template – simple! 

Start by heading over to ‘Settings’ > then ‘Email Templates’. A direct link for you is here.



You can then click on ‘Add template’ to start creating all your templates. You can name your templates differently to help ensure you send the right template out every time. For example ‘Wedding photography with album’ or ‘Wedding photography, no album’ or whatever is relevant to you and your business.

You will then be directed to the template builder, where you can start working on how your template looks.


We would recommend that you start the template by clicking on the HTML box, on the right hand side, and populate your templates with the feature to automatically pull the name of the customer into the email. 

It will look like this: ‘Dear {{customer_name}}’. The customer will see ‘Dear James’ for example.

Next, start writing the content of the email and remember you can tailor this as much as you want to suit the different kinds of leads you are responding to.

If you want to add a header in your email above the text then simply click on the ‘Columns’ box. You’ll then drag the box to the position you want and it’s from there you can add an image or some text. This could be your company logo, or an image to catch the attention of your customers. 

On your emails, you can split your text into columns and turn your template into a newsletter style, writing in columns and inserting relevant images throughout. 

We would recommend trying it out and playing around as there are some amazing features available. So you’re aware, to get the full experience we would advise doing this on your desktop as opposed to on your phone. 

If you need any further help with this, then feel free to email our Customer Success team on team@bark.com