Bidvine is now a part of

Bidvine is now a part of! 

We are very excited about this next chapter and are looking forward to making the integration between Bark and Bidvine as seamless as we can. 

Here are some FAQs. 

What will happen to my Bidvine account? 

  • Bidvine has gone into administration and therefore we are unable to guarantee any access to your Bidvine account.
  • Bark is unable to assist with any queries related to your Bidvine account. That said, we would love to welcome you to Bark.
  • Any enquiries in respect of the administration of Bidvine Limited should be directed to Quantuma LLP at

What about my recent Bidvine bids? 

  • We are unable to help with any queries relating to Bidvine bids. We will, of course, be on hand to help you get started on

What about my Bidvine reviews? 

  • We are now able to migrate your Bidvine reviews over to your Bark account.
  • A button will appear on your ‘reviews’ tab, giving you the option to ‘import Bidvine reviews’. (Settings > reviews)
  • Once you have clicked this button, it will import your reviews and they will show on your Bark profile.
  • If you click ‘dismiss’ (even accidentally) then the button to migrate your reviews will disappear for good, so please be careful and make sure to click ‘import Bidvine reviews’.

I had Credits on my Bidvine account, what’s happened to that? 

  • Unfortunately, Bidvine went into administration so any remaining credit or subscription you had is now in the hands of the administrators. Bark therefore cannot honour or transfer any credit. 
  • Getting started with Bark is very easy and we have some amazing deals running at the moment to get you started for less! 
  • For any further assistance please call our Customer Success team on +44 20 3866 4431 or email us on
  • Any enquiries in respect of the administration of Bidvine Limited should be directed to Quantuma LLP at

What about my Bidvine premium subscription? 

  • This will lapse, as Bidvine went into administration. Any remaining credit or subscriptions can’t be transferred to your Bark account.
  • Bark does however have a premium tool designed specifically to boost a professional’s visibility and success called Elite Pro. Find more information on Elite Pro here.
  • Your first month of Elite Pro will be free! Give us a call to find out more.

Can I contact Bidvine to discuss my account/credits/subscription?

  • Any enquiries in respect of the administration of Bidvine Limited should be directed to Quantuma LLP at

How do I get started with Bark?

  • Getting started with couldn’t be easier. Head over to and create your profile in a matter of minutes! 
  • Alternatively, if you want a little extra help you can call our Customer Success team on +44 20 3866 4431. 

How does Bark work? Does it differ to Bidvine? 

  • We have lots of resources available for you to read when learning how Bark works. Head over to our help center here. 
  • If you want a little extra help understanding how we work, you can call our Customer Success team on +44 20 3866 4431 or email

What are your top tips for success on Bark? 

Here are some tips for you:

Set your Lead Preferences

  • Tell us what services you offer, the types of leads you want, and the locations you cover by setting your Lead Preferences. We’ll then send you tailored leads that best suit your business. 

Complete your profile

  • Your profile is the first thing customers see, and it’s your chance to make a great first impression. Having a full, up-to-date profile makes you more likely to win even more new customers.

Share previous reviews

  • Professionals with a strong review score are more than twice as likely to get hired than those without! Your reviews don’t always need to be from customers on Bark, they can come from your previous customers too.

Respond quickly 

  • Responding quickly hugely boosts your chances of securing the job. In fact, you’re 80% more likely to get hired if you contact the customer within the first hour! 

You’re in control

  • Only pay for the leads that you choose. Look at things like how many other professionals have responded and how old the lead is to help you make your decision. 

I have an unverified Bidvine account, do I need to verify to use 

  • No – we are an open platform, so no verification is needed. We do, however, recommend you follow our top tips for success and ensure you have a completed profile and outstanding reviews from your previous customers, so new customers can clearly see why they should hire you.

I already have a Bark account but have forgotten my password?

Can I have the same lead and location preferences on Bark as I did on Bidvine? 

  • At Bark, we give you the flexibility to set your own lead preferences to ensure the leads you receive are as relevant as possible. You might notice that some of the filter questions on Bark are different from those on Bidvine, however, they will still give you the ability to thoroughly tailor your leads. 
  • You can set your location/s preferences in many different ways. By travel time, by drawing your preferred location/s, or by your preferred radius. 
  • We have a dedicated Customer Success team on hand to help you, please call us +44 20 3866 4431 or email

We hope we have answered your questions, however, if you need to reach us to clarify anything else then please call us +44 20 3866 4431 or email

Remember to watch our quick video on how you can see success on our platform!