We’d be sorry to see you leave the Bark Verified, but if you do decide to cancel for any reason, simply contact our dedicated Customer Success team. 

We will cancel your Bark Verified subscription to prevent further renewals.

Your Bark Verified status will remain for the period you have already paid for, after which your account will revert back to standard status.


Why should I become Bark verified?

Get ready to elevate your professional game with the Blue Badge, a mark of distinction that doesn’t just verify – it amplifies your credibility! 

Over the years, we’ve listened to the feedback of our customers, understood your concerns around trust and safety, and worked to craft a solution. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce our new verification process. The checks include a comprehensive background check, a fraudulent and active card check and registered business confirmation. 

We’re investing heavily in trust and safety because we know how crucial it is for you to establish your authenticity and for customers to feel confident in choosing you. 

The Blue Badge isn’t just a status of verification; it’s a powerful beacon and a recognised status (think IG and Twitter) that draws customers to you. It’s a widely recognised symbol that in Bark communicates: “I am a professional who has been thoroughly vetted and verified.” And let’s face it, customers will always gravitate towards professionals they trust. 

Recent findings suggest that a verified badge significantly enhances consumer trust and attitudes. Having the Blue Badge on your profile is increasingly essentiatypl, potentially leading to higher hiring rates by offering customers the reassurance they seek.

So, here’s the question: are you ready to take this small step for a giant leap in your professional journey? It’s not just a monthly investment, it’s an investment in your future success, an investment in enhancing your visibility, and an investment in securing your reputation. 

Invest in the Blue Badge today!

How can I find my Companies House number?

  1. Go to www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house
  2. Select Find Company Information.
  3. Select Start Now. 
  4. Next Search for your company by Entering the company name, number or officer name.
  5. Once you’ve entered your company details, press the search icon.
  6. Next search for your company and select your company when it appears on the list.  
  7. Once selected, it will open up the company details. You’ll find the registered Company number under the company name.