Welcome to Bark! Here is a very quick guide to how Bark works for professionals.

  1. Customers tell us what they need
  2. Customers answer specific questions about their requirements.
  3. We send you matching leads
  4. You receive leads that match your preferences instantly by email and on the app.
  5. You choose leads you like
  6. Get customer contact details right away.
  7. You contact the customer
  8. Call or email the customer and sell your services.
  9. You get hired
  10. There’s no commission and nothing more to pay

You can also watch a 1-minute video below to get a better understanding:

Set your lead preferences

Setting your lead preferences couldn’t be easier on Bark.

Tell us exactly what leads you want to receive to match your services and locations, so we only alert you to customers which are right for your business.

You can receive leads for as many services and locations as you like.

  • You can add and remove services in your Lead Preferences.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to update your services.
  • You can add and remove locations in your Lead Preferences
  • Your location can be defined by radius from a postcode, travel time from a postcode, or by simply drawing the area you cover on a map.

We also have a powerful tool called ‘Filter Questions’. Here you can let us know which customers you wish to hear about based on the answers they provide when submitting a request.

You can use this tool to specify exactly what leads you want to receive in your Lead Preferences.

Next to each of your listed services, select Filter Questions.

Follow the on-screen instructions to filter the leads for your chosen service.

For further information about setting your lead preferences, please visit our help centre.


Complete your profile

Your Bark profile is so important to help you get hired by the customers you contact.

Your Bark profile is what customers see when you respond to them. It should catch the attention of the customer whilst showcasing your business and the services you provide.

Having a profile that is 80%+ completed, makes you 3 times more likely to secure new business.

Click here to visit our handy FAQ which provides detailed tips and advice for creating a great Bark profile