Introducing Bark Connect….

A powerful tool that allows you to instantly call customers through Bark, or schedule a call for a time that suits you. So, how does it work? 

When you make a Bark connect call, we will call your number first: 

Once connected to you, we will call the customer on your behalf:

When they answer, we will connect the two of you – it really is that simple: 


The other amazing part, is the ability to schedule a call for a time that suits you. If you know you have a gap in your diary, then why not schedule a call, and we will call you at that time and connect you with the customer:

Whenever you complete a call you’re also able to let us know and record the outcome of that call:


This feature is already helping 1000s of professionals so why not try it out the next time you respond to a new lead or by going to the My Responses section of your account. As always, if there are any questions then feel free to email the Customer Success team on