Introducing the Certificate of Excellence Awards

This award will recognise the best professionals on Bark who offer an outstanding service to their customers, helping them get ahead of the competition.

These are the three main factors that we will be using to pick the best professionals for the award.

  1. Reviews
  2. Response Times
  3. Profile Completion

In this guide you’ll find detailed information on how to be the best in these three areas and be awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award.


To qualify, you need to have a strong review rating.

How can I get more reviews and improve my score?

Add Reviews Badge
Add the reviews badge to your website to encourage those who may not have been hired via Bark to leave feedback.

Link Accounts
Link your social media accounts and other web links and we’ll pull through any reviews (these will show on your reviews badge).

Request Reviews
Request reviews from your previous Bark customers.

Request Reviews from Clients You’ve Secured Outside of Bark
You can even request reviews from customers you haven’t secured from Bark.

Manage reviews

To qualify, you’ll need to respond to requests quickly – we recommend within 12 hours or less. The faster you respond, the higher your chances of securing new business.

Enabling One-Click Response can improve your response time by up to 43%.

Manage One-Click Response

To qualify, you should have a strong profile score. Our top professionals have an average profile completion of 70%.

Your profile is the first place a client will go to find out more about your company before deciding whether they would like to work with you.

How can I improve my profile?

Link Accounts
Link your social media accounts and other web links and we’ll pull through profile pictures, photos and reviews to enrich your profile.

See How Others View You
Check how clients will view your profile to see how it will look to them, and better understand where you can improve.

Update profile now